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Eight women. Four weeks.
No Mirrors.

A unique demonstration of the
benefits of our No7 Protect &
Perfect ADVANCED Serums...
but with a twist.

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The background

As a brand, No7 is on a mission to deliver products that really work and deliver results that make women feel fabulous.

What lies at the heart of the ground-breaking ‘Four Weeks. No Mirrors’ challenge is a deep understanding of women and the knowledge that it is not just what the products do that matters, but how they make woman feel.


The concept

Clinical trials have proven that No7 Protect & Perfect ADVANCED Serum and No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum achieve outstanding anti-ageing results, and are even better than the original No7 Protect and Perfect Serums.

Consumer trials have also shown that, within four weeks, eight out of 10 women who used the new products experienced significant anti-ageing benefits.

So the team at No7 in the UK were confident in putting the products to the ultimate real life test. Could a small group of women testing the product at home, as they go about their normal daily lives, all achieve a visible improvement to their lines and wrinkles in just four weeks? How would using the No7 Protect & Protect ADVANCED Serums affect how women feel about their skin?


The challenge

The experts at No7 asked eight women in the UK to use the appropriate new No7 Protect & Perfect ADVANCED Serum for their skin for four weeks and at the same time all mirrors were removed from their lives. From the mirrors in their homes, to the bathrooms and even a trip to the hairdressers, not a mirror in their everyday lives remained uncovered. With the help of a personal chaperone to do their hair and makeup and drive them where they needed to go (not even a peek in a rear view mirror was allowed) for four weeks every opportunity to see their reflections was taken away whilst they trialled No7 Protect & Perfect ADVANCED serums.

Eight women were chosen, all from different walks of life and all with different approaches to skincare, but with one thing in common: all of them share a concern for their skin, which is beginning to show giveaway signs of ageing, and all of them want to do something about this.

With busy lives and little time to spend on themselves the ‘Four Weeks, No Mirrors’ challenge gave the women an opportunity to focus on their skincare and share with the team at No7 what and how they felt every step of the way. Their journeys proved both emotional and exciting as all mirrors were removed from their lives and the experience began.

Find out how the women got on by watching a three minute extended feature here


The results

The ‘Four Weeks. No Mirrors’ challenge is about showing the experience of using No7 New Protect & Perfect ADVANCED Serums in as honest a way possible – with no make-over or other ‘razzamatazz’, it shows the real difference that using truly effective skincare can make. It is about the excitement and anticipation women feel as they use the products and, importantly, it is about the way women feel about themselves when they realise how great - and how greatly improved - their skin looks.

Click here to see the results…


The women

  • Nuala, 30 from Cheshire
  • Melody, 31 from Essex
  • Jolene, 32 from Gloucestershire
  • Orla, 36 from Dublin
  • Diana, 38 from Devon
  • Thelma, 41 from London
  • Beth, 42 from Surrey
  • Alison, 42 from Surrey


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