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A brief history

For almost 80 years, the experts at No7 have been producing effective beauty products that thrill and delight women and which bring them, everyday, the pure pleasure that cosmetics can offer.


Launched in 1935 with a range of ‘deluxe beauty preparations’ that offered ‘the modern way to loveliness’, No7 was the first brand to democratise beauty in the UK, bringing premium quality products to British women at affordable prices.

Swiftly establishing itself as a leading skincare brand, it developed a unique rapport with British women by managing to truly identify with their beauty needs, and provide products that make them feel fabulous.

Since then, the No7 brand has gone from strength to strength. Today it is the UK’s leading skincare brand. Their longstanding heritage and outstanding track record of providing innovative and effective products means No7 products have always been best-sellers.


Unique strengths

At the heart of the No7 brand is a unique and detailed understanding of women’s beauty needs. The experts at No7 really do know what women want when it comes to beauty and this in-depth degree of understanding underpins and informs the approach to everything they do.

How do the experts achieve this degree of understanding? By truly knowing No7 customers thanks to meticulous research, consumer testing and surveys. They listen to customer feedback on every aspect of its beauty products and their packaging, and to its in-store advisors, and takes note of what they learn.


The No7 beauty experience

The experts at No7 also know that it is not just about what the products do that makes them special; it is the way they make women feel when they use them that creates a unique emotional connection.

The No7 beauty experience is all about generating a ‘wow’ moment of pure pleasure, for every woman, every time, when they see just how amazing they look, whether it’s the way a new lipstick lights up the face, or a new, visible radiance delivered by its anti-ageing serums.

That ‘wow’, that sheer delight in seeing just what the products can do, is vital to the No7 experience. It is a testament to how well the products actually work.


A clear and honest approach

There are three key pillars to the No7 beauty experience:

  • Their scientific and beauty heritage
  • Their clinically-proven skincare
  • A clear and honest portrayal of products in their advertising

The experts at No7 have proved, scientifically, that the products work beautifully, both in clinical trials and also in real life. They have done this through extensive consumer testing, where women use the products not in a laboratory setting, but as part of their everyday lives.

And, striving for an even greater honesty in the way it presents its offerings, No7 as a brand has gone one step further, by using a cross-section of women, rather than professional models, in its advertising – a bold step from a bold brand.

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